Fyza Ali Dubai and Sonia Ali Dubai are sisters. The Sisters have made the world aware of their outstanding beauty, fitness, and skincare tips. Sonia Ali is a well-known beauty blogger and influencer in beauty and skincare. She currently resides in Dubai. Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali have unsurpassed beauty, skincare, and fitness skills. They also have beautiful looks and a muscular physique.

Sonia and Fyza both completed English and Law studies from the UK. Sonia became a well-known blogger for soniaxfyza makeup tips. Fyza gained all the attention for her incredible modeling and bridal makeup artist skills.


Fyza and Sonia are the first women to start social media for women in the Middle East. Their initial posts focused on makeup tutorial videos and tips for makeup. Even though it was a new concept for women from the Middle East, the sisters helped make the path for most Middle Eastern influencers. Their work has been a massive success for South Asian and middle eastern women.

After completing their UK higher education, they moved back to Kuwait to spend time with their loved ones. Both soniaxfyza Sonia & Fyza decided to move back to Dubai to begin a new revolution in global makeup.

Fyza developed and created the buffing technique during her London makeup tutorial classes in 2014. This technique is now a favorite among global celebrities, makeup artists, and the general public.

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